Video that Clicks

Engage your audience by making your online videos easier to browse, view, share and track.


Video that Sells


Video that Informs


Video that Promotes


Mark, tag, and share links to content that matters within any YouTube video.

Meet and interact with your audience through custom video players integrated into your website.

Gain and apply insights about your audience to hone your messaging and drive your business objectives.


Expose the Gems:

Use Vinja’s simple, cloud software to highlight the contents within online video that matter most to you and your audience.

Picks up where YouTube Leaves Off:

No need to change your existing video workflows–no new videos to produce, render, upload or store.

Link the Gems:

Vinja makes it easy to add titles, tags, images and links to the content you highlight with cued calls-to-action that encourage the results you want.


Your Site, Your Brand:

Bring your video–and your audience–to your site, where they belong. Customize a range of mobile-first, responsive player designs with your own branded look-and-feel.

Interactive Video Experiences:

Turn passive viewers into active consumers of the video content you want to highlight–and they want to watch–in any order they choose.

Share the Gems:

Viewers can easily share deep-links into any segment that you highlight no matter where or how it’s embedded.


New Insights, Out-of-the-Box:

Standard reports go deeper than viewing events and duration, with detailed click analysis that can be tracked by viewer session.

Custom Metrics:

Leverage industry-standard tracking codes and tools, including Google Analytics, and integrating with 3rd party tools.

Data-Driven Content:

A/B test different segmentations and presentation of video; generate targeted video compilations from real-time view, click and duration metrics.

Tag video chapters, share customized experiences & measure results

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